July 6, 2008

What employees want!

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Today, employees not only wish for tangible rewards from their employers but also for intangibles, such as respect, trust, and fairness.
Some of these factors are listed below:

Sense of Purpose – People need to know what the organization’s core purpose is and what it is trying to achieve. And then they need to know how their particular job fits into the whole. Unless there is clarity on all of these, it does not allow employees to perform to their potential.

Appreciation – It doesn’t cost the employer anything to praise his/her employees for excellent performance.

Individual Growth – Today’s workers want training, want to take on new challenges, and want to advance based on their new abilities. Individual Growth gives a feel of job satisfaction to the employees.

Trust – People need guidance, but they also need to know that their boss trusts them to be able to get a job done.

Respect -Respect plays an important part in job satisfaction. It allows them to know that they are overall appreciated for what they are, and what they do.

Organization Culture – Employees want a flexible work environment. That means an environment which allows them to perform and excel, and also one which provides for work – life balance.

Compatible Co-workers – Working with people you enjoy is also very important. Compatible co-workers bring out more out of any employee’s performance.

Good Boss – “People don’t leave companies, they leave bosses.” – This is an old saying. Employees wish to work with a manager whom they can respect and learn from.
Successful organizations retain their best people, by providing a mix of all of the above.


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