July 24, 2008

The greatest HR concerns

Today, there are a lot of issues and challenges that are foremost on the minds of HR. HR as a function is fast changing, especially in the IT companies. The HR managers here have a multi-task responsibility and they need to manage it well.

Earlier the role of HR Managers was confined to administrative functions like looking after manpower requirements and maintaining rolls for the organization. Now it is more strategic.

Some of the problems that the IT sector faces are managing people, motivation to adopt, recruitment, training, performance management and compensation management.

Managing people

Managing people in knowledge-based industry is critical. Today, the talented professionals enjoy high bargaining power due to the knowledge and skills in hand.

Motivating the workforce

As the competition is growing rapidly, technological edge has become a crucial factor for survival in the market. Various Technological organizations are giving top priority to technology advancement programmes.

Competency development

Human capital is the real asset for any organization, this makes HR’s role important in recruiting, managing, and retaining the best. Incompetent HR managers will have a direct impact on the organization.

Recruitment and Training

Recruitment has become a major function in the IT industry. HR managers play a vital role in creating assets in the form of quality manpower. They also need to put systems in place to make the people a perfect fit for the job.

The trust factor

Low levels of trust inhibit tacit knowledge sharing in the knowledge-based industry.

Critical factors

The knowledge-based industry faces five most critical challenges. One of the most important one is talent management and development.
The growing pace of talent acquisition that creates with it the challenge of smoother assimilation and cultural binding of the new joinees into the organization fold is another big factor.
The most important challenge though is the retention issue.

Source: Financial Express


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